3 Tips on how not to get photo “bombed” in Real Estate


It’s one of the things I most often hear from buyers when I show them homes: “Wow, this house looks totally different from the photos!” Sometimes in a good way. Often times, not. With over 90% of home buyers starting their home search online, sellers will want to ensure their homes’ online presence is enticing to prospective buyers. One of the most effective and least utilized ways to do this is to start with the homes’ photos.

The following 3 tips will help you to ensure your homes’ online listing is not getting photo “bombed”.

1. Insist that your Realtor hires a professional photographer to take the photos of your home. This is a must. The days of making-do with amateur quality photos in real estate are gone. It surprises me how many agents still insist on using their own pocket cameras to take photos of their listings. Agents: Please Stop! Many buyers will actually skip over online listings if they see a photo they don’t like. If your agent doesn’t use high quality professional photos that showcase your homes best features, you may be missing out on potential buyers! Bad photos = a bad online presence. 90% of buyers searching online + a bad online presence = no good for anybody. The photos on your virtual tour should be clear, crisp and make your house look expansive, light-filled and amazing! A professional photographer who specializes in real estate photography will be able to do just that. Leave the photography to the experts!

2. Photo order is important. Buyers want to feel like they are getting a tour of your property through the photos. The photo order needs to make sense, and follow the flow of the rooms of the house. I once saw a listing online that where the main photo was of the bathroom. Really? I mean, I’m sure the bathroom was very nicely remodeled and sparkling with new fixtures, but to use that as the main photo online for all of the home-buying world to see? No. Don’t do that. Have the photo order start with an amazing exterior photo that shows off your front yard and the exterior of your home, then the foyer, the living room, the kitchen, etc. The buyer will be able to get an idea of the floorplan of your home just by looking at the photos.
3. If you are not getting enough showings, change the photos around. Sometimes just tweeking the photos a bit can re-distribute your listing to buyers who receive automatic email updates from their realtors. So, the buyer that saw it a month ago when the main photo was a close-up shot of the exterior could now see the same listing, but with a new exterior photo and thereby may feel compelled to take a second look.  This is a quick and easy trick to get people interested.

There are many ways to enhance your homes’ online presence, but the photos are quite possibly the most important part of marketing your home to  potential buyers.  Make sure they’re fabulous and you’ll get fabulous results!

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Jennifer Novak


Champion Realty