Market Update: We had a Fabulous June in Davidsonville!

I was just looking at the real estate statistics in Davidsonville for June and the numbers were so incredible I had to share. I love to be the spreader of good news!

There are currently 74 homes listed for sale in Davidsonville ranging from $319,900 to $1,850,000.   31 of these 74 homes were listed June 1st or later.  It has been a very busy Summer for real estate here in Davidsonville so far!

Here are some of the numbers showing what a great month June was:

Total Number of homes Sold:  13  This is up from 8 total homes sold in June of 2012.

Average Days on the Market in June 2013: 69  In June of 2012 the average days on the market was 132.  That’s a positive difference of over 47%.  It is taking a lot less time for sellers to get their homes sold.  Who doesn’t love that?

Average Sold Price in June 2013: $733,885   The average sold price is up over 9% from the same time last year.   If you are selling your house this year, good for you.  You’ll likely get a little extra cash in your pocket, you smart cookie.

Even with 74 homes on the market we are still experiencing a bit of an inventory shortage.  Buyers are out there looking and hoping to snag the perfect house when it comes on the market.   If you are thinking of selling, now is a really great time to do it.

If you know someone who is selling or thinking of selling, please share this good news with them!

Here’s to hoping for a fabulous July!


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