My fabulously wonderful, fantastically awesome neighbors

I have the best neighbors.  I mean THE BEST.   As often as Steve and I think about moving to a bigger house to have more room to entertain, we always come back to how wonderful our neighbors are here and we are scared of moving and not having them around.   We wonder: What if we move to a new neighborhood and the people next door are not awesome?  What if we don’t get along with them? Or worse What if they just don’t like us?  Nope, we can’t chance that one.  Not even for a bigger house. Neighborly awesomeness is a deal breaker for us.  We’re staying put.

Yesterday, while Steve was pushing the lawn mower across the yard cutting the grass across our medium-sized yard, our neighbor Wayne from across the street came over.  Wayne and his wife, Jean are some of our awesome neighbors.  They have rescued my dogs from roaming the neighborhood after their weekly fence breaking sessions more times than I can count and they always buy Girl Scout cookies from my kids which is surely a requirement of awesomeness.  Wayne explained to Steve that since he was getting older and didn’t want to have the huge responsibility of maintaining his large yard any longer, he had hired a lawn service to take care of that for him from now on.  He told Steve that is was just too much for him to have to worry with.  He explained to Steve that he would no longer be needing the riding lawn mower he owned and he wanted to give it to Steve.  For nothing.  Steve’s first thought was: I am going to look so cool mowing the lawn now! YES!  My first thought was: Is it broken?  I mean really, who just gives someone a perfectly good, well maintained, working lawn mower for nothing?  There had to be something that needed tweaking, or fixing of some sort on it.  Surely Wayne wasn’t really just offering a fully working ride-on lawn mower to my husband for nothing, right?  Wrong.  I told you Wayne and Jean were awesome.  They just wanted to give us the lawn mower out of the amazing goodness of their kind hearts.  And it works!  It is in perfect condition!

Steve brought the new riding lawn mower over to our house yesterday morning.  He has mowed the lawn three times since then.  Right now, he is outside on the riding lawn mower again.  He said something about working on sticks?  I have no idea what he is doing, but he is like a little boy who just unwrapped the most awesome Christmas gift he ever got.

Steve's 4th ride in 24 hours....

Steve’s 4th ride in 24 hours….

Thank you Wayne and Jean, you all are just the best.  We are so blessed to have you and your awesomeness so close to us.  Steve is endlessly thankful to you for making him look cool.


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