Home in D’Ville just SOLD in 8.5 hours!

No, I’m not pulling your leg!  I am so excited to share this news with you!

I’ve been telling you about how the real estate market in Davidsonville is experiencing an inventory shortage.  Buyers are out looking,  just waiting to write an offer on a new listing when it hits the market.   An article in The Capital recently described the market in Anne Arundel County as a “feeding frenzy” with multiple buyers submitting offers on new listings.   The inventory shortage is causing buyers to have a very strong sense of urgency.

This was the case yesterday when a new home came on the market in Maple Creek in Davidsonville.   This lovely home came on the market yesterday morning at 8:20 AM and was placed under contract at 4:50 pm.

maple creek house sold

Wow, now that was fast!  8.5 hours fast!   This home has been lovingly maintained, inside and out.  Of course, the better condition a home is in, the more quickly it will sell.

Spread the news, let your neighbors who may be thinking of selling know.  Tell your friends!  The market here is amazing!


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